Friday, March 25, 2011

Year 5 Keeper League: Power Rankings

There is nothing like good old fashioned fun. That pretty much sums up Wednesday night's draft in our 5th year keeper league. There were insults, taunts, outrageous claims, "homer" picks and I'm sure if we had been all in the same room, multiple fist fights would have occurred.

With the draft over and opening day on the horizon I thought I'd put together some preseason power rankings! Let me know what you guys think. By the way, it's in reverse order for dramatic effect!

12. Bazinga!!! (New Owner)- Last year's finish: 10th
The good: Building young from ground up. The bad: Playing for next season...or season after that.

11. Dragons- Last year's finish: 6th
The good: Offensive potential in all spots. The bad: An unfortunate auto-draft mess with the staff.

10. purasangre- Last year's finish: 12th
The good: Nine offensive keepers. The bad: Relying on a VERY young rotation.

9. Slapaholics (New Owner)- Last year's finish: 11th
The good: Pujols, Arod and a solid rotation. The bad: Has virtually no offensive bench.

8. Vipers- Last year's finish: 9th
The good: Amazing outfield depth. The bad: Punting the batting average category.

7. Coug Nation- Last year's finish: 7th
The good: Votto, Howard, Braun in same lineup. The bad: Jeremy Hellickson is his ace.

6. Iron Sheik- Last year's finish: 5th
The good: Lots of power/speed combo threats. The bad: Injuries abound in pitching staff.

5. Honey Nut Ichiros- Last year's finish: 8th
The good: Good balance between the offense and pitching. The bad: Relying on youngins to step up.

4. team panda- Last year's finish: 3rd
The good: Hands down best staff. The bad: Besides Choo and CarGo the offense isn't too special.

3. Cali Blue Beavers-Last year's finish: 4th
The good: Cano, Tulo up the middle. The bad: Greinke hurt and weak back end of rotation.

2. Mass Effect- . Last year's finish: 1st
The good: Deep bullpen, good mix of young studs. The bad: Besides Price, not many K's from the SP's.

1. The Returners Last year's finish: 2nd
The good: Three time champion. The bad: My first reaction of his team was "I expected better."


  1. Casey's mom. Make it rain on her with my 20 bucks in ones. ahaha

  2. People doubted my very first draft, too, and that team won it all! This is awesome, man.