Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uribe and Tejada: Prediction and Bet #1

This is prediction and bet #1 on the blog. It arose a couple of months ago after the signing of Miguel Tejada by the Giants. Here is the situation...

The natural question after the signing went down was... who will perform better? The former Gigante, Mr. BIG SWING Juan Uuuuribe? Or the new addition and roided-out/defensive shortstop liability, Miguel Tejada?

To facilitate who has a "better" season, we decided on a best of 5 category scoring system. The categories are: AVG, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG.

We've got 20 bucks on the line, I've got Miguel Tejada and Casey's got Juan Uribe. It might be close, but honestly, I think I've got this one in the bag.

So let us know who you think will win this one and we will revisit periodically throughout the season!


  1. I've got this in the bag. Although I hate rooting for a rival dodgers player, uuuuuribe will stand up, while tejada gets hurt at least once during the season.
    we need to make bets on the season also:
    mvp, cy young, postseason in general

  2. We'll make up a sheet again this year that isn't as extensive, more like the 1st year's predictions. Which will be up here shortly.