Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote of the Week: Spring Training Brawl

"Miggy throws like Miss Iowa, anyway." - Ian Desmond

I guess some explanation may be needed for this one. Apparently there was a brawl in the Nationals-Cardinals game today that that came to fruition after Miguel Batista hit Ian Desmond. The above quote by Ian Desmond describes what it's like to be hit by Batista. The Miss Iowa reference comes from last year when Batista described himself as Miss Iowa compared to Strasburg being Miss Universe, in the eyes of Nationals fans.

The Nats-Cards intensity stems from a play last year when Nyjer Morgan ran over catcher Brian Anderson. The buildup of today's brawl started when Nyjer Morgan ran into Albert Pujols at first base which was followed up by a couple of hit batters.

You can read a more complete description of the benches-clearing
spring training game at Big League Stew here.


  1. Remember the Yanks/Rays brawl? This could be a new rivalry......

  2. Yeah too bad they are not in the same division! I think the tension between the teams is far from over.