Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Lincecum Hit Bet: 2007

The year was 2007 and it was the last quarter of freshman year of college. Andy, being the huge Giants fan that he is, was pretty excited about his newest top prospect Tim Lincecum. There was talk about how little experience the 16 year old lookalike had at the plate and it brought up the heated discussion about whether or not Tiny Tim would get a hit during his first season.

Being an optimistic Giants fan, Andy took the stance that just by luck he would end up with a hit. Now that sounds pretty realistic, pitchers get hits every once and a while and being in the NL he would have plenty of opportunities. Let me give you my rationalization to why I thought it would be unlikely that he would get a hit. It amounts to one "fact" that very well may be completely untrue (and after 15 minutes of research still couldn't confirm or deny). I was under the impression Lincecum didn't get to bat in college and that he had limited time hitting in high school. So, I figured he had about as much of a chance as me to get a major league base hit. I considered the probability of me getting a hit to be zero, so I went for it.

The Result: In his 13th AB of the season Lincecum hit a weak ground ball double down the 3rd base line and my dreams were crushed. Andy got the win and Timmy ended up with 4 hits on the season in 43 AB's, which amounts to a .093 AVG.

The wager of the bet, while not memorable, did not go in my favor. To this day it remains to be probably one of the dumbest bets I ever made. But I did have one heck of a run through 12 AB's!

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