Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fantasy Bet: Year 5 Keeper Draft

We had our draft last night in the 5th Year Keeper League and below are the final results for Brandon, Casey and myself. This is a 12 team league where we keep 10 players from year to year. The (K) denotes a player that was kept from the previous season.

Let us know who you think has the best team and best chance at winning the league!

Mat- (Honey Nut Ichiros)

C-Matt Wieters (K), 1B-Prince Fielder (K), 2B-Rickie Weeks (K), 3B-Adrian Beltre (K), SS-Alexei Ramirez (K), OF1-Matt Holliday (K), OF2-Vernon Wells, OF3-Rajai Davis, UTL1-Pablo Sandoval, UTL2-Travis Snider, Bench-Dexter Fowler/Manny Ramirez/Desmond Jennings.

SP1-CC Sabathia (K), SP2-Cole Hamels (K), RP1-Jose Valverde, RP2-Matt Thornton, P1-Ubaldo Jimenez (K), P2-Brett Anderson (K), P3-Chris Sale, Bench-Michael Pineda/John Lackey/James Shields.

Positives: There is no denying that I've got power with Prince, Beltre, Holliday, Wells and Weeks. For the first time in my fantasy baseball career I am solid in all the weak positions (C, 2B, SS). I stole Pablo Sandoval from "team panda" a.k.a. Casey. I've got a very solid top 3 starting staff with CC, Hamels and Ubaldo. I've got a good amount of young talent on the verge of breaking out.

Negatives: I'm not happy with the players I have in the weak positions (C, 2B, SS). Sure I have quality players there, but Wieters and Alexei needs to take the next step and Weeks needs to stay healthy. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd rather have at least one "Tulo type" player in these spots. Since I've only got Valverde and Thornton I'm going to have to chase saves.

Best Pick: Manny Ramirez- Yes I'm serious, I got him really late (20th round) and I've got a good feeling he's still got it.

Worst Pick: Desmond Jennings- No idea when he'll be called up and I ended up with a total of 7 outfielders on my roster

Brandon- (Cali Blue Beavers)

C- John Jaso, 1B-Miguel Cabrera (K), 2B-Robinson Cano (K), 3B-Casey McGehee, SS-Troy Tulowitzki (K), OF1-Matt Kemp (K), OF2-Jay Bruce (K), OF3-Nick Swisher, UTL1-Ian Desmond, UTL2-Ian Stewart, Bench-Austin Jackson/Mike Moustakas/David Murphy/Gaby Sanchez/Sean Rodriguez

SP1-Felix Hernandez (K), SP2-Jon Lester (K), RP1-Joakim Soria (K), RP2-Francisco Cordero (K), P1-Zack Greinke (K), P2-Drew Storen, P3-Hiroki Kuroda, Bench-Jaime Garcia

Positives: His top 3 pitchers are amazing in Felix, Lester and Greinke. He's got 3 first rounders in his infield with Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano and Troy Tulowitzki. He took Mike Moustakas out from under me in the 19th round.

Negatives: He doesn't really have a stolen base threat. His top guy is Austin Jackson and he's on the bench. He drafted too many offensive players, I mean Sean Rodriguez probably wasn't needed. He's relying on Hiroki Kuroda and Jamie Garcia to round out his starting staff.

Best Pick: Drew Storen- Great pick to shore up his relief squad and a player who is only going to improve.

Worst Pick: Sean Rodriguez- He already has Cano at 2B and has two backup outfielders, there were a lot better upside picks still on the board.

Casey- (team panda)

C-Mike Napoli, 1B-Kevin Youkilis (K), 2B-Brandon Phillips (K), 3B-Omar Infante, SS-Juan Uribe, OF1- Shin-Soo Choo (K), OF2-Carlos Gonzalez (K), OF3-Aubrey Huff, UTL1-Chone Figgins, UTL2-Andres Torres, Bench-David Freese/Brandon Belt

SP1-Roy Halladay (K), SP2-Tim Lincecum (K), RP1-Mariano Rivera (K), RP2-Leo Nunez, P1-Dan Haren (K), P2-Matt Cain (K), P3-Jonathan Sanchez (K), Bench-Brandon Morrow/Madison Bumgarner/Johan Santana/Carl Pavano

Positives: He has the best rotation in the league, hands down. Heck, he's got the Giants front four! He's got a well rounded power/speed/average offense. He finished 3rd last year, right above Brandon in 4th and well above myself in 8th.

Negatives: He's got too much pitching. There is no reason to have Carl Pavano on your squad as your 9th starter. He's weak at 3rd, SS and the utility positions. Infante, Uribe, Figgins and Torres is not pretty in fantasy. He's a total homer pick player with 7 Giants players on his team. He's got two relievers, so he's also chasing saves.

Best Pick: Johan Santana- If he comes back anywhere close to where he used to be then Casey will have some great trade bait to upgrade his offense.

Worst Pick: Carl Pavano- No reason to draft him when you've got 8 other starters, he should have gone for an upside reliever or a young potential breakout bat.

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  1. Brandon definitely needs to pull the trigger on a move to bring in some SBs. I heard base-thief Michael Bourn is on the block...